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Un amoureux de "la Veuve": le docteur Louis


guillotin,antoine Louis

It is the Dr. Antoine Louis, surgeon, permanent secretary of the Academy of Medicine, who invented this machine to cut people in half, with the help of a piano maker named Schmidt. The first experiments were transition from the old place-Comedy of sheep.

He published one of a multitude of theories of medicine and surgery in 1749: " Letters on the certainty of death ", and written numerous articles for the anatomist Encyclopedia  of Diderot and d'Alembert .He had the presence of mind and good taste to die in 1792, the year we experimented with his camera on the spot ...., the Dr. Guillotin , who was elected member of the National Assembly, was not the advertising. He very nearly his machine was called " The Louison . "

The first man-trunk was a bandit convicted of robbery on the highway: Nicolas-Jacques Pelletier . His conviction was datedJanuary 24, 1792  : the sentence was executed on April 25 of that year on the Place du Carrousel , by Charles Henri Sanson,


The log Prudhomme  give lessons in  "Revolutions de Paris"published that day the story of cutting the steel blade, with premonitory to Malherbe:

And the guard who watches over the gates of the Louvre

Not defended by the kings . " (of death)



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